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Your roof is designed to keep the weather out of your house, but sometimes that means it takes a beating. Severe weather can cause roofing problems that need immediate attention.

At Eikenhout, we’ve seen many customers whose homes were damaged by the elements. Here’s what you need to know about how weather can affect your roof.

How Types Of Weather Impact Your Roof


Since the wind doesn’t run evenly across your roof’s surface, it can easily cause problems for your roof and gutters alike. Strong winds can loosen nails and blow away loose shingles, leaving gaps exposed. And it doesn’t take a tornado, either: even 40-50 mph winds can cause significant roofing damage. After a windstorm, check your roof for any missing shingles or other damage that the wind may have caused. Be prepared for immediate repairs if the damage is severe.

Rain and Hail

Although it’s a roof’s job to keep the rain out if the roof has become damaged there’s a chance the rain can seep into your house. Rain collects in uneven areas and soaks through gaps in your shingles to the structure below, weakening it over time and causing those familiar water stains on your ceiling.

Hail, on the other hand, can cause significant structural damage to your roof. Even small hailstones can crack or loosen your shingles, while larger ones can dent your roofing and gutters. If your roof is damaged in a hailstorm, the professional roofing suppliers at Eikenhout can steer you towards the right supplies to fix it.

Snow and Ice

Winter weather can be tough on your roofing. The weight of snow and ice can cause your roof to sag while melting snow collects in weak points and causes leaks. You’re also at risk of ice dams, which can ruin your flashing and cause structural damage to the roof if you’re not careful. It’s important to remove snow and ice before it can cause any problems, and to inspect your roof for damage once spring rolls around.


UV radiation is the number-one cause of shingle damage over time. The sun’s rays dry out your shingles, reducing their ability to block out the elements. Dry shingles can buckle and curl up at the edges, compromising their effectiveness. If you’re not keeping up with your roof maintenance, the UV rays will eventually affect the integrity of your roofing. When your shingles become warped and damaged, they can no longer keep out water. You should inspect your roof regularly in order to make sure the sun hasn’t done a number on your shingles.

No matter the damage that weather does to your roof, you should never venture out to inspect your roof in the middle of a storm. Roofing is dangerous enough when conditions are fair, but going up there in the rain or snow is a recipe for disaster.

For more info on our roofing products, please feel free to contact any of our Michigan roofing supply locations across Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Holland, and Kalamazoo. At Eikenhout, we are dedicated to producing the best results for our clients.

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