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Whether you plan on selling your home or staying put for years to come, there are many ways to upgrade your home’s exterior. In this blog post, we give you some tips on how to add curb appeal to your home. The key to any successful exterior remodel is contacting a home construction supply company and hiring the right contractor.

1. Replace or Repaint Front Door

What is the first impression you want to set with guests and potential homebuyers? Scratches and faded paint on the front door can make your home seem neglected. Thankfully, exterior door replacement or repair is an easy way to improve curb appeal. For example, you could paint your front door a vivid red to make it stand out as a focal point from the rest of your home. Front door curb appeal also helps your home look more inviting.

You may also choose to install a door inlaid with beautiful windows. The design possibilities are endless when replacing front doors or upgrading the ones you have. A fancy door wreath or other decoration adds the finishing touch and reflects your personal style.

2. Add Stone Trim

Stone trim molding can add an elegant aesthetic to your home. Draw attention to beautifully designed windows by installing stone trim around windows. A stone veneer trim can also be a great way to accent your home’s exterior. When you contact an experienced builders’ supply company, they’ll be able to guide you to high-quality exterior stone trim products.

3. Replace Old Roof

Nothing ages your home quite like a deteriorating roof. An old or damaged roof can be easily spotted from the road to make your home look neglected. For quality roofing supplies, you’ll want to contact a building supply company for products that will complement your home’s style and last you for years to come. Roof replacement will also prevent leaks from causing expensive water damage in the home.

4. Replace Exterior Siding

Over time, the UV rays from the sun can make your home’s vinyl siding look faded. Unfortunately, faded siding can be more than just a cosmetic issue. If you also notice cracks or rotted material, it may be time to replace vinyl siding. Since vinyl siding covers up the exterior of your home, it makes a big difference when it’s replaced with new exterior siding panels.

Why not take this opportunity to install siding that adds character to your home? Contrasting colors between the exterior siding and trim can help your home stand out among the competition. Drive through your neighborhood for house siding ideas that could work for your own home.

5. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only makes your home look well-maintained but also increases home security. Outdoor lighting is a deterrent to would-be burglars and helps you feel more at ease when pulling into your driveway at night. Think of all the summer evenings you could enjoy while sitting out with friends and family on the front porch. Outdoor lighting can be affixed to trees or your house. They can also light up the walkway up to your house.

6. Use Your Landscaping Strategically

Landscaping doesn’t have to be a major expense in order to be effective. Keeping your lawn mowed and your hedges trimmed can go a long way towards curb appeal. If your grass is patchy, it’s worthwhile to fill in the sparser areas with grass seed while the weather holds. If you have more of a budget, try splashing out for well-placed hardscapes for some visual interest.

7. Keep Up With Maintenance

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Siding gets dirty, shingles fall off, and decks get dusty and worn. It’s important to keep the exterior of your home clean if you want to maximize your curb appeal.

The best way to stay on top of home maintenance is to spot clean problems as they arise, but also to schedule a regular day to tackle some deep-cleaning projects all at once. Schedule roof repair, powerwash your siding and deck and make your house look brand-new again.

8. Clean Your Gutters

While the gutters might not be the first thing someone notices about your house, upon closer inspection clogged or overflowing gutters can give your home an unkempt appearance.

Keeping your gutters clean isn’t just a way to maintain your home’s appearance—clogged gutters can cause water to run off into the foundation of your house, causing serious damage over time. It’s much better for the appearance and safety of your home to keep your gutters clean.

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