Add Curb Appeal with Roofing and Siding

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Add Curb Appeal With Roofing And Siding

Roofing and siding are the first things a prospective homebuyer sees when they pull into your driveway. For this reason, it’s important you pick roofing and siding that complements the exterior style of your home. An experienced roofing and siding supplier can help you find the right materials to make your home stand out from the competition. In this blog post, we will go over how installing a new roof or exterior siding can add curb appeal to your home.

1. Re-Paint Vinyl Siding

Over time, your vinyl siding can fade from the sun. To refresh the look of your home, we recommend painting vinyl siding or simply installing new exterior siding. Sometimes, faded house siding can be a sign of structural damage caused by UV rays.

When picking out new paint colors for vinyl siding, be sure to check out the color schemes of your neighbors’ home. Since houses in a neighborhood are typically built around the same time, they share similar architectural styles. Looking at the paint colors used in your neighborhood will help your home look aesthetically pleasing.

2. Replace Exterior Trim

Exterior house trim can draw attention to the architectural lines of your home and help it stand out in your neighborhood. Trim can also be used to contrast the color of your siding. For example, white trim paired with dark blue siding can give your home a traditional color scheme. An exterior trim supplier will be able to offer you a full spectrum of colors so you can find the right color combination for your home.

3. Install Gable Peak

For new construction projects, you may want to consider installing a gable peak. Gable peaks are part of a classic architectural style that also appeals to potential homebuyers. Traditional style homes benefit most from gable peak construction. If you are building a custom home or having your roof replaced, you may want to consider adding a gable peak to create visual interest.

4. Extend Eaves

Adding roof overhangs is a strategic way to protect exterior doors, windows, and siding from the rain and snow. Eave extensions can also act as an umbrella against the sun so certain rooms in your home don’t receive too much light. Some homeowners decide to add roof overhang over the front door so guests don’t get caught in the rain while waiting for the door to open.

5. Replace Old Roof

Low slope roofs (also known as flat roofs) can be great for homeowners who want to maximize the space within their homes. Low slope roofs make interior rooms more spacious because the eaves don’t cut into the rooms on the second floor. Roofing shingles and steel roofing are also viable options for roof replacement. A roofing supply company will be able to offer high-quality building materials for your home exterior renovation.

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