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If you have been connected with West Michigan’s construction community via social media, you’re probably aware of the #constructmicareer campaign on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t been aware, here’s your chance to get informed.

What is #constructmicareer?

The Western Michigan chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors has been sharing the stories of dedicated construction workers through short online videos. These brief testimonials touch on why the featured construction workers enjoy their careers and, to a larger extent, raises the amount of pride felt by the builders and makers of society.

Many careers have been featured such as steel foremen, safety representatives, project managers, client relations managers, and even company executives. Together, these individual stories weave a rich tapestry of the work ethic expressed by the construction industry.

Why does #constructmicareer matter?

Currently, the nationwide construction industry has experienced a shortage in labor, especially skilled labor. The social media coverage does a great job of defeating stereotypes that have discouraged many young workers from joining our ranks. One of the most insistent stereotypes is that construction workers aren’t paid well and languish away in dead-end jobs.

These videos provide a compelling counterpoint to these assumptions by showing off the diversity of voices within the West Michigan construction community. Most of the construction workers interviewed appreciated that there was always something new to work on each day, while others expressed pride for being able to make the client’s vision a reality. These insights are important for knowing how to attract young workers into the construction industry. The collaborative work environments within construction projects were said to emphasize teamwork and, at times, felt like a family dynamic.

The Associated Builders and Contractors West Michigan Chapter has also raised important points under the #constructmicareer about opportunities for our young people entering the workforce. In what other industry can you enter as a novice and get paid for on-the-job training? Construction is a lucrative option for those looking to gain experience that can prepare them to start working higher paying jobs. Furthermore, this training is nationally recognized, giving construction workers the freedom to move from job to job with ease.

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