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In Michigan, we’re lucky enough to have great summers. However, temperatures really start to drop in late fall and early winter. For many families, this means an end to spending time outside on the deck.

Deck heaters can warm up your outdoor space and allow you to enjoy your deck through the colder months, but are they worth it? Our deck suppliers recommend that you ask yourself the following 3 questions to decide.

Should You Get a Deck Heater?

1. How much time do you reasonably spend outdoors?

The most important thing to consider when thinking about deck heaters is this: how much time do you spend outdoors when the weather is nice? If you’re hardly outside all summer long, there’s not much reason to think you would be tempted to use the deck in the winter months, even with the addition of a deck heater.

The exception to this would be if you can’t stand the heat and humidity of summer but would love to enjoy your outdoor space when the weather gets colder. In that case, a deck heater might work for you.

Of course, if you and your family love the outdoors all year round, a deck heater would make a lot of sense. It allows for you to use your deck even after fall and winter hit, and is a great option if you’d like to use that space to entertain throughout the year.

2. Do you have space for it?

If you have a smaller deck, you’ll need to consider how much space you have available. Keep in mind that you should keep the space around your deck heater clear to avoid the risk of fire, so for smaller decks, these might not be an option. While there are small deck heaters available on the market, even those can make an already-crowded deck space look cluttered.

On the other hand, if you have a larger deck space, a deck heater might add just the right touch to make the area feel cozy instead of cramped. You’ll need to look at the size of your deck in order to decide.

3. Is it within your budget?

Deck heaters have been expensive in the past, but these days there are actually a variety of price points available, making them much more accessible. Depending on the style you choose, you can find a deck heater for just a few hundred dollars!

Deck heaters allow you to enjoy your deck all year long. However, if you don’t think a deck heater is right for your space, you’ve got options! Our deck suppliers can help you create a deck that has room for enough warm-weather entertaining to hold you over during the colder months.

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