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Guide to Buying New Windows

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Guide To Buying New Windows

Whether you are shopping for replacement windows or new construction windows, you’ll need to become familiar with terms a building supply company might use to describe energy efficiency.

New windows are an investment in your home because they can reduce how much you pay for energy bills and make your home comfortable year-round.

In this blog post, we explain what you should consider before buying new windows so that you can make the best decision for your home.

Energy Efficiency

More and more homeowners are considering energy efficiency when shopping for replacement windowsEnergy efficient windows prevent heat loss so you can enjoy lower energy bills year-round. While comparison shopping for windows, you’ll come across new terms that describe different aspects of window energy efficiency. Energy efficiency will vary based on the size of the window and the materials used.

You want high ratings for:

  • Visible Transmittance: how much sunlight passes through window
  • Condensation Resistance: extent to which window resists condensation or water buildup

You want low ratings for:

  • Air Leakage: how much air leaks around window
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: how much heat window lets in

Window Frame Materials

The type of window frame material you choose can affect how much energy you save. For example, wood windows are well known for insulating homes against the chill of winter and summer heat.

Window frames made of real wood provide more insulation than other types of materials such as steel or aluminum, which makes them a popular choice. If wood windows are out of your price range, you may want to consider vinyl windows.

Home Construction and Landscaping

Clients often come to us when they need windows for home additions or for the new custom homes that they’re building. If you are interested in installing new construction windows, you’ll need to consider the structure of your home and its surrounding landscape.

If you plan on installing awnings over certain windows, you may not need to worry as much about finding windows that rate low for solar heat gain coefficient. Likewise, you’ll want to consider the effect nearby landscaping will have on window installation. A window situated near a shady tree won’t let as much heat into your house as a window in full sunlight would.

Directions Windows Face

The direction a window faces determines how much sunlight it receives during the day. For example, a window to the east will receive a lot of sunlight in the morning. Rooms that receive a lot of sunlight may benefit from windows that rate low for solar heat gain coefficient. A window supplier can help you find what you’re looking for to make your home comfortable year-round.

Eikenhout is a building supply company that is dedicated to helping homeowners and contractors find high-quality building products for their next project. If you are interested in our inventory of residential and commercial building supplies, please feel free to call any of our nine Michigan locations.

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