How Insulation Protects Your Roof From Winter Weather

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Your roof shields your home from wind, rain, snow, and sleet. However, even the best roof shingles might need repairs after a long winter. As a building materials supplier, we offer shingles, steel roofing, and low slope roofing to customers throughout Michigan.

Our experience has taught us that when the snow melts, more homeowners come to us for our quality roofing materials. Continue reading to learn how winter weather takes a toll on your roof and how our local roofing supply company at Eikenhout can help.

Ice Dams

Freeze thaw cycles can create sheets of ice on your roof called ice dams. Not only do ice dams trap meltwater, but they weigh heavy on your roof. If an ice dam is allowed to form on residential roofing, the trapped meltwater takes paths of least resistance by seeping through walls and ceilings. A leaking roof can cost you money in repairs and even lead to premature roof replacement.

Ice dams form when the temperature of your roof is warmer than your eaves. When snow melts on the warm roof, water flows down toward the eaves. Once the water reaches the cold eaves, it freezes into an ice sheet. Proper roof insulation and venting will prevent ice dams so your roof will last for years to come. At Eikenhout, we offer quality home insulation brands like Hunter Panels, AttiCat®, Atlas EPS, and Dow Building Solutions.


Do you have huge icicles hanging from your eaves? This can be a sign your house doesn’t have enough roof and attic insulation. Too many icicles can weigh heavy on your eaves, especially on gutters. Gutters prevent water damage by diverting rain and snowmelt away from your home. However, your home loses this protection when heavy icicles tear gutters from your roof. Wet snow also puts extra weight on your roof.

How to Protect Your Roof This Winter

If you notice ice dams on your roof, do NOT try to hack at the ice with a shovel or similar tool. This will only cause more damage, especially to roof shingles. Be sure to monitor the condition of your roof during the winter so you can call a roofing company at the first sign of damage.

During winter, we strongly advise homeowners not to get on their roofs. Snow and ice make your roof slippery and unsafe to walk on. Even when your roof is dry, it’s best to stay on the ground if you lack the proper training or tools. Let the professionals handle your roofing needs, especially during the winter. We have experience working with homeowners and roofing contractors so you can get the roofing materials you need.

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