What’s the Best Decking Material?

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The best decking material is one that’s able to resist severe weather, insects, warping, scratches, and rot. While composite decking fits all these requirements, many homeowners still have questions.

For example, if you’re a fan of the classics, you may wish to know the best wood for decks. Check out our deck materials comparison for the inside scoop. As a building materials supplier, we know that the best customers are the most informed.

What’s the Best Decking Material?

We supply top brands for decking material, from TimberTech®️ to AZEK®️ decking. The best decking material is the one that looks good and performs well.

Check out our list of most sought-after decking products below:

What is the Most Durable Decking Material?

Many experts consider composite to be one of the most durable decking materials. Composite decking boards are made from plastic products and wood fibers. These wood fibers usually come from sawdust or wood chips. This makes them able to resist insects, warping, and rotting.

How Long Do Composite Decks Last?

Composite decking from TimberTech typically lasts well beyond 15 years. In fact, if you buy capped wood composite decking from TimberTech, it’s backed by a limited fade and stain warranty for 30 years. Your new composite decking will also be protected by a 25-year limited warranty on insect damage, rot, and material defects.

Composite decking is able to last for decades because it’s partially made of durable synthetic material. This decking material is able to resist severe weather, scratches, stains, insects, rot, and warping.

What is the Best Wood Decking Material?

Most contractors will recommend redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated wood of various species for your backyard deck. As a building materials supplier, we try to steer our customers toward the best wood for decks so they’ll be able to enjoy their new outdoor living space for years to come.

We highly recommend the KAYU brand because they offer many organic hardwood decking products that are naturally resistant to mold, rot, and insects. For example, the KAYU Batu™ has a dense cell structure that protects it from decay.

Michigan weather can be humid and wet. That’s why we often recommend KAYU to homeowners who want natural wood decks.

It’s important you know the pros and cons of whatever decking material you choose before buying. That way, you’ll be aware of what maintenance you’ll need to do to keep your decking boards looking nice for years to come.

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What About Vinyl Decking?

For those interested in vinyl decking, we offer quality products from CertainTeed. Their vinyl decking is virtually maintenance-free. This helps to free up your weekends so you can enjoy summer to the fullest extent.

Vinyl decking from CertainTeed is resistant to mold, mildew, and dirt. You also won’t have to worry about painting and sealing like you would with a wooden deck. CertainTeed vinyl decking has heavy-duty construction so it’s long-lasting.

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