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More and more customers are interested in ways they can reduce their environmental impact. Offering eco-friendly roofing products not only attracts new customers but gives your company a Unique Selling Point (USP) that helps you stand out from the competition. This is why Eikenhout carries the Highlander® NEX® shingle line from Malarkey Roofing Products®.

As a building materials supplier, we stay on top of the latest trends to help contractors grow their businesses.

Continue reading to learn 5 reasons you should start offering Highlander NEX shingles to your customers.

Reasons you should offer Highlander NEX shingles:

  • 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules
  • UV Ray Resistance
  • Stays Flexible in Cold Weather
  • Wind Warranties & Limited Lifetime Material Warranty
  • Weather-Resistant Roofing Sealants

3M Smog-Reducing Granules

We tend to think of smog as a problem isolated to San Francisco, California, or Beijing, China. Yet, air pollution is much closer to home. More than 40% of Americans live in counties with an “F” air quality ranking (American Lung Association). In Michigan, the Detroit-Warren-Ann Arbor area ranks #12 in the United States for having the worst year-round particle pollution.

Air quality affects your customers’ daily lives, which means they’ll be open to hearing about eco-friendly roofing products. For example, the Highlander NEX shingle line uses 3M Smog-Reducing Granules to help reduce air pollution. Using these shingles for a standard roof of 30 squares can help reduce as much smog as two or more trees! Sharing this fact can help convince customers that Highlander NEX shingles make a difference.

Not surprisingly, 3M Smog-Reducing Granules were featured in TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2018. These granules reduce air pollution by converting smog into water-soluble ions.

UV Ray Resistance

The Highlander NEX shingle line comes in light grays and browns that reflect the sun’s rays. Your customers can choose from Silverwood, Ivory Mist, Sienna Blend, and other colors that help direct away from the heat. Even if your customers choose a darker color like Midnight Black or Storm Gray, all Highlander NEX shingles are strengthened with polymer modified asphalt technology. This technology helps roof shingles resist damaging UV rays so your customers’ roofs last longer and keep their color.

Stays Flexible in Cold Weather

Highlander NEX shingles stay flexible in temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. (This is 40 degrees lower than what your competitors are offering with standard asphalt shingles!) In Michigan, this means you’ll be able to continue installing roofs into late fall as long as the weather is dry. Extending your roofing season helps you make more money over the course of the year. It’ll also help you attract customers who realize at the last second that their roofs won’t last the winter.

As a building materials supplier, we try to anticipate your needs so you can offer the best roofing products to your customers. Since Highlander NEX shingles stay flexible in all weather, you can accept more challenging projects with architectural roofs. Traditional asphalt shingles are more rigid, which makes installation difficult on unique structures. You won’t have this problem with Highlander NEX shingles.

Wind Warranties & Limited Lifetime Material Warranty

The Highlander NEX shingle line comes with a 110 mph Limited Wind Warranty. Your customers may be eligible for an Enhanced Wind Warranty for 130 mph if they meet additional standards. Since Michigan weather is unpredictable, a Wind Warranty can help give your customers peace of mind that they’re making the right decision. Highlander NEX shingles also have a Limited Lifetime Material Warranty.

Weather-Resistant Roofing Sealants

If you don’t like the weather, wait a couple of minutes for it to change. In Michigan, storms will sometimes develop over the Great Lakes before hitting land. As a result, we recommend using the specially formulated asphalt sealant that goes with the Highlander NEX shingle line. This sealant holds shingles down, despite driving wind and heavy rain. It also stays flexible down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit so your customers’ roofs will stay sealed during freeze-thaw cycles.

To learn more about Highlander NEX shingles or our other roofing products, call Eikenhout at any of our locations. You may also fill out our online contact form. We’re proud to serve Grand Rapids, Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, Holland, Traverse City, Saginaw, Petoskey, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, and surrounding areas.

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