6 Different Types of Windows for Your Home

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6 Different Types Of Windows For Your Home

Whether you’re replacing old windows or choosing new ones for a custom home, Eikenhout is here to help. We offer different types of windows to match your home and lifestyle.

New windows are an investment in your property. That’s why we want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started by asking you what you value most.

For Beautiful Uninterrupted Views

The last thing you want to do is spoil gorgeous views. That’s why we encourage you to look at picture windows and fixed windows. When you have these windows, you don’t need art on the walls. That’s because the view outside becomes the artwork.

Picture Windows

A picture window is unique from other window types. This is because it’s made of a single uninterrupted pane of glass. Picture windows are perfect for rooms where you want to show off the view.

Since picture windows can get quite large, we recommend exploring energy efficient options. Energy efficient windows can help you save money in the long run on heating and cooling bills.

Picture windows have a low profile frame. This maximizes the glass surface for an unobstructed view.

Fixed Windows

A beautiful view deserves a fixed window. While fixed windows don’t open, they flood your home with natural light. If you want a room to feel spacious and airy, install fixed windows.

A fixed window is often paired with windows that open on either side. That way, you have the benefit of natural light and fresh air. It’s a win-win!

Keep in mind that fixed windows have a more prominent window frame than picture windows. This gives them a bolder look that’s perfect for modern homes. The framing is also designed to match the framing of any adjacent operable windows.

For Letting in Fresh Air

There’s nothing more refreshing than natural sunlight and a cool breeze. If you wish to let in fresh air, you’ll want operable windows that open and close. Operable windows include single or double hung windows, sliding windows, and casement windows.

Single or Double Hung Windows

A double hung window can move up and down to let in fresh air. Unlike other window styles, a double hung window has two moveable panels (sashes). A single hung window is similar, except it only has one sash.

Sash windows are perfect for high-humidity rooms that need ventilation, such as bathrooms. A single or double hung window can also accommodate an air conditioner in hot weather. When you’re ready to clean your window, it’s easy to tilt the sash for better access.

Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows move along a track to let in fresh air and are often found in modern homes. But this doesn’t mean they can’t complement traditional interior design. The types of windows you choose will depend on your design preferences and budget.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing outward when you open them via a crank. During installation, you can choose whether you prefer the window hinges to be on the right or left side.

These crank-out windows open all the way to give your home more ventilation than other types of windows. As such, you’ll need to clear nearby bushes or trees that block casement windows.

To Get the Best of Both Worlds

You don’t have to sacrifice fresh air for beautiful views. You can have both if you choose the right windows. For example, bay windows consist of a large fixed window with operable windows on both sides. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Bay Windows

A bay window is like a picture window, except it has angled operable windows on both sides. Bay windows are perfect for living rooms where you want to show off the view, but also let fresh air in the home.

Bay windows extend a little outside the interior wall. This adds architectural interest, light, and depth to your home. It can also create the perfect nook for a window seat or a kitchen herb garden.

Discover New Types of Windows for Your Home

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