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With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to think about preparing your home for summer! Regular roof, siding, and deck maintenance is a great way to ensure that your home will look pristine for years to come. Periodic maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the line, and with the cold and snow of winter and early spring, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your outdoor elements. Our roofing, siding, and decking suppliers recommend that you spend a little time getting your property ready for the hotter months. Here’s how:

Preparing Your Home for Summer

1. Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is the best way to ensure that your roof lasts a long time. Before summer hits, inspect your roof for signs of damage. Replace missing shingles and roof sealant if needed, and clear away any debris. Trees tend to shed leaves, petals, and pollen in the springtime, and if these accumulate on your roof, they could lead to rotting.

The end of spring is also a good time to clean your gutters, remove any moss or mold from your shingles, and check for rust on any metallic parts of your roof. If anything needs repair, late spring and early summer are a great time to get it fixed. Our roofing suppliers are here to provide you with the supplies you need to repair your roof.

2. Clean and Repair Siding

Siding can become dingy and dirty over time. Take the opportunity to freshen your siding up for summer by giving it a good cleaning. The most popular way to wash siding is with a pressure washer, but you can achieve the same results with a garden sprayer and the right cleaning solution.

Be sure to do your research before using any chemicals on your siding. You want to be sure you’re using the right cleaning supplies so you don’t damage your home. If you have questions about what products are safe to use, our siding suppliers are happy to help.

3. Clean and Seal the Deck

Summer is the time of year when your deck sees the most action, so you should make sure it’s ready! Clean any dirt or debris off your deck in order to prepare it for summer. Like with your siding, you want to be sure the cleaning products you use won’t damage or stain your deck. It’s better to do your research than to end up making costly repairs later.

Once the deck has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s a good idea to seal the wood. Deck sealer protects the wood of your deck from the hot sun as well as from weather damage and foot traffic. Sealing your deck will preserve the color and appearance, saving you on deck repairs as time goes on.

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